Specific care

SLIMMING BALANCETriple action gel

Specific care

Thighs, abdomen, hips and buttocks

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Slimming Balance is a triple action slimming gel: it remodels and refines the figure, firms the body and reduces the appearance of cellulite. This slimming gel offers a global response for a result which is visible after 28 days. Its plant-based complex enriched in encapsulated active caffeine intervenes in the various biological steps:

  • STEP 1: reduces the size of the adipocytes thanks to Guarana.
  • STEP 2: prevents the storage of new fat deposits thanks to Garcinia Cambodgia.
  • STEP 3: drains and decongests the adipose tissue thanks to the action of fucus, ivy and meadowsweet in synergy.
  • STEP 4: firms the tissues thanks to horsetail. Formula containing 4.7% of active caffeine. Ultra-absorbent cream-gel. Leaves no greasy film.


Capacity : 200ml

After 28 days of application of the slimming gel:

  • The thigh circumference is reduced(1)
  • The orange peel appearance and cellulite are visibly reduced(1)                                             

(1): Measurements of the thigh circumference in centimetres and clinical scoring of the severity of the cellulite before and after 4 and 8 weeks of application on 20 volunteers.

Aqua, Caffeine, Sodium salicylate, Carbomer, Propylene glycol, Lecithin**, Parfum, Polysorbate 20, Sodium hydroxide , Benzyl alcohol, Alcohol**, Hydrolyzed soy protein**, Silica, Dehydroacetic acid, Fagus sylvatica bud extract, Onopordum acanthium flower/leaf/stem extract, Garcinia cambogia fruit extract**, Paullinia cupana seed extract**, Chrysanthellum indicum extract**, Equisetum arvense extract**, Fucus vesiculosus extract**, Hedera helix extract**, Phenoxyethanol, Spiraea ulmaria flower extract**, Benzoic acid, Sorbic acid
** Origine végétale

Guarana associated with encapsulated active caffeine: stimulates the breakdown of fat deposits.

Active caffeine is caffeine associated with phospholipids (transporters). This innovative form of caffeine enhances the effectiveness of the slimming care by boosting its penetration.

Garcinia Cambogia: prevents the formation of cellulite by slowing the storage of new fat deposits

Ivy, meadowsweet and fucus: drain and decongest the adipose tissue

Horsetail: firms the tissues thanks to its silicone content

Apply Slimming Balance triple action gel and massage with circular movements in the areas to be treated.

For enhanced effectiveness, knead the outer side of the thigh, the abdomen, the hips and the buttocks in an upwards direction.

Intensive treatment programme: use twice a day for 4 to 8 weeks.

Prevention: apply once a day throughout the year.

To complement the use of this product we recommend adopting a healthy diet. Do not use during pregnancy.

The dermatologist's word

Many slimming creams contain caffeine. Not all slimming creams containing caffeine are as effective . Their effectiveness depends on the dosage of caffeine and its ability to be assimilated by the skin. Between 3 and 5% is the ideal concentration as above a certain threshold, the skin saturates and the caffeine is no longer absorbed.

Caffeine is an active ingredient which has difficulty penetrating. To boost penetration of the caffeine, it can be encapsulated in phospholipids. Phospholipids act as transporters. They take the caffeine to the heart of the adipose tissue to act deep down. This is referred to as active or vectorised caffeine.

In an effective slimming product, the caffeine must be associated with draining and decongesting active ingredients, as caffeine breaks down the fats but does not eliminate them.

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